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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ride Like the Wind, Little Executive Assistant

The screaming little queen ran past my office door yet again, yelling down the hall in his high-pitched squeaky voice to one of our mailroom boys. This was the third time in an hour I watched him run, yes run down the hall of our offices.

Strangely, it's not an unusual occurance here at my work. Quite a few people, men and women alike, find themselves running to get their work done. This is behavior I cannot understand. The only time I've ever found it necessary to run at work was when I was in the Army and we were doing Physical Training. Period. I'm of the belief that if you ever find yourself running at work to get a task done, for any reason whether it's a demanding boss or self-imposed stress, it's time to quit. You should never have to go above a light trot to complete a work task.

When I shared this philosophy with a work colleague of mine, he couldn't disagree more. "Sometimes you have to run to get something done," he replied. "It shows a sense of urgency, a commitment to getting a job finished."

"No," I countered, "it shows a desire to put yourself on display to your co-workers. You're basically using your body language to say 'Look at me, everybody! Look at how dedicated and hard-charging I am compared to you, you desk-bound, lazy whores!'"

Work Colleague frowned at me. "Sometimes it's an emergency. Sometimes you have to run to grab someone or get something done."

"Nope. Never. Nothing we do here involves organ transplantation or fire removal. There is no reason for anyone to ever have to run in an office environment. 'Oooh! If I don't xerox this document like I was Wally West, the ENTIRE OFFICE INFRASTRUCTURE WILL COLLAPSE.' I don't think so."

I could tell Work Colleague was very frustrated with me. And admittedly, I was a little frustrated at his implication that I wasn't dedicated to my job enough because I laugh at others galloping down the hall. That's why I've come to you, dear readers.

Am I wrong? Is it ever appropriate to run in an office environment? Am I out of touch with current office trends? Or am I on target thinking it's nothing but histrionic, look at me folks behavior? Comments are below. Sound off.

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