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Friday, March 04, 2005

Northeast Ohio shoutout

...and to everyone else, too.

I'm feelin' this Friday, big time. I'm also feelin' for NE OH, hammered by snow. Get to Cali already, you rassa frazza.

Friday, get hyped, get horny, get hyper. Keep it in the round-in-the-front, round-at-the-end and hi-in-the-middle vein by blasting this jam at high volume in your car on the drive home, in your cubicle, in your headphones at the gym, wherever. Guaranteed smile and possibly erection as you recall being an eternally horny 17 year old ("But it was my first time...with you..." - Jerri Blank).

Don't care for the Raspberries? Let's pretend you didn't say that. Perhaps this vintage 1973 radio spot will convince you.

Get some for me.

P.S. Cleveland rocks.

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