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Friday, April 15, 2005

Rock & Roll Jeopardy - Round One

Part One.

After our introductions, the game was afoot. Darryl was first to go and drew first blood. Lynette joined in and got some money on the board as well. As for me…well, I stood there and tried to figure out the damn buzzer.

Ah, the buzzer. What you don’t see on TV at home are the sides of the game board, where there are two vertical rows of white lights. While the host gives the “answer”, the two rows are slowly counting down in time with his delivery, so by the time he utters the last word of the answer, all the lights are extinguished. Then, and only then, can you buzz in and give your answer. If you time it wrongly, and buzz in before the final light goes out, you are locked out from buzzing in again for 1.5 seconds, which is an eternity in this game. This keeps everyone from buzzing in and giving the “question” the minute the answer appears, which would make for a really boring viewing experience.

What was happening is that I was too smart for my own good. The minute I thought I knew the answer, I was buzzing in. WRONG. I was getting my ass handed to me for most of the first round. When I finally did get in, I was such a happy mess, I was stumbling all over the place. This nervousness cost me big when I got lucky and picked the first Daily Double of the game.

Click here to view some Round One/Daily Double action in QuickTime.

Yeah, I knew the answer. Yeah, I said "Oy." Yeah, I actually said “Man alive!”, again, a phrase I have never uttered before nor since. TV apparently makes you act and speak like an 80-year old retiree from Miami Beach.

Most of the first round went this way, with each of us answering just about a perfect third of the questions, so by the end it was Darryl with $2600, Lynette with $2200 and me with $1800.

I was living the dream and it was kicking my ass.

NEXT: Jeff and I have our “moment” and I get pissed.

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