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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Power Tool

It begins with the opening of a tiny, mostly acoustic live music venue in North Hollywood called Kulak's Woodshed

The story continues as one of the venue's neighbors begins to complain, campaigning the city to close the club because of parking and noise issues.

The venue snipes back, claiming the neighbor is irritated solely because he once visited the club, got a little drunk and had to be escorted out of the club, asked never to return.

Someone on The Velvet Rope, a music industry message board, posts a thread devoted to the clash and, well...big deal, right? Clashes like this happen every day across the country, so why should you care?

What if I told you the disgruntled neighbor was Charles Peyton, aka faded gay porn icon Jeff Styker?

And what if I told you, based on his responses on the Velvet Rope, he's just about lost his fool mind? Some choice excerpts in all their unedited glory:

Hey, easy there big boy... Powertool was rated the Best Gay Video of all time, in the world. Jamie loves Jeff the best Hetro, in the world.
The realistic the best selling dildo of all time. put that together and you have............ a party for everyone!

Chuck AKA Jeff AKA Miles Long (My brother is Barry Long) AKA his largeness AKA Sir AKA Daddy AKA nnnooo don't, stop....No Dont stop.
Are you really feeling me now or just trying to tame the beast????

One time she yelled to me out back "No won wanna suck your huuuuge cock" (shes orential)I did not know if she was upset or flattering me.
It was cute. How she wound up with Kulak is beyond me..... But the truth is the truth, I am no angel, I have done porn, is that a bad thing?
It's is sex on film, let the sexless one throw the first stone.

Can I help it I was gifted with a club of my own?
You think I like walking around looking like I am hiding a midget in my pants?
Yes I do...

My stageshows (theater, A Sophisticated Evening with Jeff Stryker, a comedy) make me $190,000 in 6 weeks? If thats washed up then I guess your right. I bet you make that at the top of your career height in say, oh 30 years.

That's what I like, a newspaper boy calling someone washed up. No wonder your parents left you in a box at the side of the road.

Myself, I like the extreme close ups, then the face shot to see the pain/pleasure it is causing.
I appreciate that you have taste and are a good person, asspounder, you really got me laughing on that one. Almost as much as the guy who gets on me for being mean and then says my movies suck..Most of them do but I am not the sucker. I am the suckie.

Pitch and catch? I had a terrible childhood, my dad used to beat the shit outa me with a belt.
When he was done he would stand up and say, Ok now you do me.

Much more at the link. Merry Christmas! Don't say I never gave you nuttin'.

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