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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Red, White & Bummed

Yeah, Captain America is dead. Again.

Yeah, Diana, that's pretty much my reaction, too. You non-comic geeks out there may be wondering why I'm so blase' over the death of my favorite character, while comic geeks totally understand. This sort of fake-out death happens far too often in comics, so spare yourself the trouble of jumping in your car and zooming over to your local Comic Book Guy to grab the "collector's item" issue that will be worth nothing in five years. Cap ain't going anywhere.

In fact, *cough*LifeModelDecoy*cough* I can think of about *cough*ArnimZolaClone*cough* a half-dozen ways to bring him back within the continuity of the series right off the top of my head. So, don't mourn for Cap...mourn instead for the new, "realistic" Marvel Universe where heroism is scoffed at and rewarded with a few slugs in the gut while nihilism and bleakness get a shiny new #1 issue with seven variant covers.

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