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Friday, January 04, 2008


Well, lookie there - I made it into today's edition of the Guardian:

Best for 80s obscurities: Lost in the 80s

"The 1980s were the best decade for music," insists John C Hughes, the Californian blogger behind Lost in the 80s. "You had all these acts trying to walk a tightrope between being taken seriously critically and still wanting a huge pop hit. Sometimes it really worked and sometimes it flopped spectacularly. In any case, the music was always entertaining." Hughes' blog plays home to 1980s' musical detritus, be it an obscure solo track by Ringo Starr, a hidden gem from a flop Adam and the Ants album or the one minor hit by a forgotten new-wave pop act. Happily, after three prolific years of blogging, Hughes isn't concerned about running out of music to post. "It's amazing how much material is floating out there in a sort of purgatory, unavailable on CD or iTunes, but sitting in a rack in some old record shop. I think the 1980s will live on via my blog for quite a few more years yet."

Nice! Don't forget, new entries for LIT80s can now be found at

Please, no autographs, just checks.

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