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Monday, June 28, 2004

Things my friend Jeff would have loved, but missed because he killed himself in 1990

1. The internet
2. Alternative music becoming mainstream
3. (The London) Suede
4. Bowie going industrial
5. That cool Prodigy band with the “cat song” he liked so much going double-platinum
6. Both Gulf Wars (he was a bit of a news junkie)
7. E-mail
8. The MP3 revolution
9. The vulture-like feeding frenzy on his CD/vinyl collection when his mother opened the vaults a year after his funeral
10. Seeing his girlfriend Leigh’s smile
11. My first kick-ass basement-level apartment in Elyria, Ohio that cost $350/month
12. Alter-House closing down, but being replaced by Smart Bar, which in turn was replaced by the Whiskey
13. My winning on Rock & Roll Jeopardy (he would have SMOKED me)
14. The Chrysler Prowler
15. Ministry getting heavier and harder with each new release
16. Playing Ministry’s “With Sympathy” over and over after each new Ministry release disappointed us
17. Our wanna-be Britpop band “Steer” covering Blur and the Smiths
18. My short-lived residency as the Friday night DJ at the Grid (the mysterious bar next door to the Alter-House we were all curious about)
19. California
20. The fact that life goes on, even if you choose not to.

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