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Saturday, July 10, 2004


Blogging While Intoxicated.

Apparently, it's the hip thing to do now. I've read several blogs in the past few days where the writer was blogging drunk (which is scary, since most of these postings were during WEEKDAYS - don't people work anymore?), so I have become inspired to do it myself.

Went to Boy Bar with "E" and "I", had a few Amaretto Sours, stood alone while E talked on his cell and "I" hooked up with some kid. No one dared approach me and I was even wearing my "friendly" clothes, a polo shirt and nice jeans. I'm a scurry sort, I suppose. At 36, I'm used to being the one to always having to make the move. No worries.

My head hurts, but I'm sure that has a lot to do my disposable contacts that I sleep in instead of taking out each night.

Tonight was the first night I have been to Boy Bar in about six months. The music did not change ONE BIT. The same tired songs they play every Friday night, month after month. Does anyone like Darude "Sandstorm" anymore? Really?

BWI is boring. DONE NOW.

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