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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Fuck Drew Carey

I'm off to Cleveland tonight, taking the red eye and landing bright and early tomorrow morning. My time at the airport is your gain, however, since I'll have the laptop and will be able to use this downtime to write a few more entries, including part two of "Shattered" and part two of the long-since forgotten "Tales from the Dragon Club", detailing more of my exploits as the most popular (by default) alternative music DJ in Tonguchon, Korea.

I'll also have my digital camera with me, so some photoblogging of shambling semi-drunken exploits and maudlin reminiseces in Cleveland are a distinct possibility. I may also return to the rip off that is the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and get a pic of me with Ziggy's stage suit.

'Cuz I'm dumb like that.

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