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Monday, August 09, 2004

Don't you wonder sometimes / About sound & vision?

Well, the first DJ gig in over a year went quite well. Pistons was pretty packed at one point, and the owners and event promoter seemed pretty happy with the turnout and response.

Your DJ
DJ or longshoreman? You decide.

As for me, it was a reminder of why I loved DJing in the first place, and also why I ended up quitting.

The loves:
• Seeing the crowd respond wildly to the most bizarre songs I would have never thought would get any response, i.e. Sweet "Fox on the Run", Placebo "Special Needs", Bowie "Cracked Actor" (you know I HAD to), and, oddly enough, The Go-Go's "Vacation".
• The many people who came up to say "Hello", compliment the DJ, gaze longingly at his PowerBook, and request good songs.

The Gear
The gear...a 12" PowerBook G4, lots of ampy things and a mixing board.

The hates:
• The one guy who arrived promptly at 8pm, raced right up the the DJ area and proceeded to tell me that he too was a DJ (wouldn't say what bar or what night), "suggest" many out of place and inappropriate songs, blab about my equipment and how he'd never use it, and generally annoy me ALL NIGHT until about midnight when he then asked me if he knew of anyone hiring DJs for other gigs. Sure dude, let me hook you up.
• The group of about four guys who came to DANCE, GURL! Sorry guys, this is a rock night. Actually, I can't blame them too much...that's the trouble with trying to institute a new night in an established venue -- when you place dance music every night of the week, it sort of stops people cold when you pick a night to NOT do it. So, they can be forgiven for requesting "SOME KYLIE! NO WAIT, BRITNEY!! YEAH, BRITNEY!"

Me & Matty
Me at about four beers and Matty/Boylinda.

A sample from the night's playlist:
Sneaker Pimps "Sick"
Smiths "Handsome Devil"
Redd Kross "Mess Around"
The Killers "Somebody Told Me"
Sugar "Helpless"
Goldenboy/Miss Kittin "Rippin Kittin"
Imperial Teen "Baby"
Boomtown Rats "Banana Republic"
Suede "Metal Mickey"
The Strokes "Reptilia"
Jobriath "IMAMAN"

...and that was just the first hour, kiddies.

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