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Monday, October 25, 2004

This Town Is So Glamorous

Feeling the urge to pry myself up from the couch and actually do, like, you know, stuff this weekend, I took Friday off from work and headed south to my old stomping grounds, San Diego, to visit friends and see how the old town is doing. The verdict? The only difference I could spot after two years of being away is that the old Jack in the Box on University in Hillcrest, which was formerly a favorite for crackheads and bums, has been reimaged as “JBX”, as in Jack in the Box EXTREME!

How very Tom Green/1998.

Actually, it’s a fairly impressive building, all rusted metal and aluminum, with earthy-colored walls and a very industrial feel. The only problem from a consumer standpoint is that standing outside of it, you’d have no idea what the building WAS since the only outside signage reads “JBX”. That’s it. No menus, no window signage, nothing. The Creative Director in me loves it, the Marketing Director in me hates it. It needs something to lure potential e-coli recipients in.

But enough shop talk! Let’s get to the dick!

Well, there wasn’t any. I just hung out with my friend Jimmy all day, watching the new SCTV box set and laughing my ass off at quite a few shows I hadn’t seen since they originally aired in 1981, plus a few I had never seen (Bill Needle may be my current new favorite SCTV character). Yes, I drove 100 miles south to watch TV on a different couch. For some reason at this point in my life, that was much more fulfilling than going to Bourbon Street and tricking with my favorite bartender. (You may submit your guesses in the comments below.)

Saturday, I went to work out at my old gym, 24 Hour Fitness in Hillcrest, and no joke, the same people were there that I last saw there two years ago. I was bigger of course. Nyah.

Saturday afternoon, I drove back to Long Beach in time to catch Matty/Bearlinda and the Gay –Gays play at Ripples for Raphael’s 30th birthday party. The band was a lot tighter than the last time I saw them and Matty sounded really good. I also got to be part of the show, playing the Go-Go’s first bass player, Margot, who got tossed from the band after a drunken rampage onstage where she berated the crowd to find her missing purse. My job was to recreate this event, screaming “Where’s my purse??!!?” over and over again, until someone in the crowd found the hidden purse, full of prizes, natch.

Very inside and it kind of went over like a lead balloon, but I played it MST3K style…the “right” people will get it.

Doing stuff is fun. I recommend it every once in awhile. For now, back to the couch.

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