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Monday, August 29, 2005

This Town Is Our Town This Town Is So Fabulous

I believe that may be the second time I've used that headline.

So Saturday night, I half-heartedly make the trek to the Gauntlet in lovely Silverlake to see my friend Matty perform with The Gay Gay's, the world's best all-gay Go-Go's tribute. I say half-heartedly, because it was Sunset Junction weekend up there, which means tons of drunk/high homos shambling about, stinking up the joint with "man smells", being inappropriate and taking all the parking. But I hadn't seen Matty play in a few months, so I felt some obligation to show support. Glad I did.

First, Stracculious, the ancient Roman god of feces (thank you, Butthead), must have been smiling upon me, because I found a parking spot directly in front of the bar. I had to get out and inspect the curb several times for red paint because I just couldn't believe my luck. I even made the barback come out and confirm I wouldn't get towed. I mean, this was a major sign. I got the total George Costanza spot. I should have taken pictures. It was a thing of beauty - SoCal denizens, you feel me.

Once inside, I hooked up with Matty and the goils, waiting for the show to begin. And we waited - and waited. Management backtracked and didn't want the show to begin until 11:30 so it was drinkin' time. No big whoop.

Totally worth the wait. The band was nice & tight, just like Matty's snatch used to be years ago. But that's not all - four songs into the set, someone slips Matty a note. One song later, the band is joined onstage by none other than JANE FUCKING WEIDLIN. Yes, a real Go-Go joined the Gay-Gay's.

Jane played rhythm on two songs...well, sorta. Her guitar gave out the minute she started strumming. Technical issues, but WHO CARES! There was Jane Weidlin, co-writer of my second favorite Sparks song ("Lucky Me, Lucky You") not 15 feet from me!

As soon as I get pix back from some people I know, I'll post 'em.

Matty & Jane

More photos here.

Also spotted - former L7 member Danita Sparks. I feel so Michael Musto right now.

See? Sometimes leaving the house pays off.

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