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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

bound and tagged

Oooh, Jocko tagged me. And I'm not even sore.

Time is at a minimum since I'm on the road for work, so here's the Ten Songs I'm Currently Grooving To - you'll find most, if not all on iTunes. In no particular order:

"Do You Want To", Franz Ferdinand - Still.
"Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll", the Killers - Are you being sarcastic? I can't even tell anymore.
"Stars and Planets", Liz Phair (advance) - Liz does T. Rex.
"Welcome Home", Coheed & Cambria - Geddy Lee sings for Led Zep and it doesn't totally suck. Honest!
"Price of Gas", Bloc Party - It keeps on rising.
"She Was Hot", Rolling Stones - On a cold & rainy night.
"In a Funny Way", Mercury Rev - Thru the fields and streams and the lakes and the trees.
"Hey Now Now", The Cloud Room - It doesn't make sense until the 10th time you hear it.
"San Diego Zoo", The 6ths - The 405 will take you from the Boom Boom Room to Interstate 5 which goes right to San Diego Zoo.
"X Offender", Blondie - It's really kinda dirty when you listen close.

I really can't believe no one has tagged Waremouse yet.

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