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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Trailers for Retards

Okay, I have a real problem with the trailers currently running ad nauseum on TV for the new Nicholas Cage OscarĀ® Grab called "The Weatherman".

Apparently, 2/3rds of the movie consists of footage showing Mr. Cage getting pelted from behind with cups filled with various beverages being hurled by people in passing cars. Sometimes this footage is run in real time, sometimes in glorious slow motion, so we can see the liquid explosion as droplets are flung far and wide, creating a juicy orange or mocha blast as Cage flinches and prays his hairpiece stays intact.

But the amount of times this "joke" is repeated in the trailer is not my issue. My problem is that in every instance, the drink is flung at the back of Cage's head from a passing car as someone yells, "HEY, WEATHERMAN!" could the person in the car possibly know that's the correct weatherman to fling your drink at when all he can see from his automobile is the BACK OF SOMEONE'S HEAD??

It's the little things that make me murderously violent.

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