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Friday, October 13, 2006

Back to Reality

Rod reports that Michael Sandy, the 29-year old Brooklyn man who was lured by three teens via an online hookup site to a cruise park, where he was then beaten into a coma, has been taken off life support.

We all need to be a little angrier about this blatant, vicious attack. And please, if you're going to hook up, think about meeting in a populated, public place like your corner coffee shop first.

And yeah, I'm gonna go there...why isn't there a little more talk about this around the gay blogosphere? I'm a little out of the loop in catching up on my reading, but the premeditated, obviously planned and targeted nature of this attack makes it as reprehensible as Mathew Shepard's. Is it just too sad to write about? Are we just too jaded these days?

Don't be.

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