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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Things I Refuse To Do - May 2007 Edition

• Alter a logo in any way, even when you insist that making "the 'O' a holiday wreath would be soooooo cute!"

• Use said logo in a headline, such as "Enjoy some refreshing COKE LOGO"

• Use the word "play" as a euphemism for fucking.

• Listen to a Hinder or Daughtry song all the way through.

• Take on any new client who ever says "I don't really see why we should spend any money on Search Engine Marketing." (This was for a web-based business, by the way.)

• Grow my hair out "just to see what it looks like!" It's dead, people, we need to accept it and move on.

• Update my resúmé. I'm tired.

• Submit my invoices on time. I told you, I'm tired.

• Quit a job without having another one lined up (I have never done this, even when I worked at Wendy's at 15 and hated it).

• Redesign this blog myself, no matter how ugly and unformatted it may be. Someone do it for me!

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