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Monday, October 25, 2004

...and here's me not giving a shit!

What is it that compels people in my office to come to me to complain about any and everything in their lives? I'm not talking about subordinates with work/personal issues...I'm talking about other directors, VPs, managers, you name it, talking about their weekend, their car trouble, the mall, traffic, weather, whatever. I don't mind small talk in the morning, but this goes on...ALL. DAY. Apparently, we need some layoffs here.

I'm not a good listener when it comes to people I work with complaining about non-work related issues. I'm not particularly friendly at work. In fact, sometimes I'm downright rude, looking at my monitor, continuing to type, not responding at all as they drone on and on about some fucked up project, some stupid meeting, an irate phone call they had to field, whatever.

I mean, look at me. Bald, tattooed, burly and scary. For Christ's sake, I even had a pierced eyebrow until May of this year. You people should fear me, not Dear Abby me on an hourly basis. And yet, still they come. Especially the women.

If I came and talked to me and I ignored me the way I ignored these people, I'd think I was an asshole and never bother again. Why can't these people take the same initiative?

Let's make this really simple. If you work with me, I hate you. Easy!

And quit asking me to go to lunch with you, god damn it.

Serena this entry is dedicated to you, for you know my pain.

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