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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pull Quotes

People are talking:

the bloc party show was fuckin' only complaint would be that they didn't play one of their best songs, 'skeleton' off of the 'helicopter' b-side. said not in a fanboywithobscurereferences kind of way - it's just good, i never get tired of it.

Holee shit...them muscle relaxants really do the trick. I feel like sending a Thank You card to my doctor for getting them prescribed without a visit to the office. I love you Dr. Woof.

I know I'm being somewhat stereotypical here, but as someone who's been around the (goth) scene for a while, I've seen that it hasn't changed THAT much ( accept for the addition of some bands, Hot Topic - making goth fashion more accessible, and better hair dying products. ) Even the dance moves are the same. The infamous being ( what my good friend Mr. Sarah calls ) "Catching Butterflies". You've seen it. Put on a slow Siouxsie tune like Beatles cover "Dear Prudence" and you will watch the room quickly turn into a mass of swirling bodies, all reaching up to the sky in slow motion with fingerless gloves, like they are trying to catch that mystical fluttering bug.

Why do music critics insist on branding stuff they grew up on as "visionary"? Thom Yorke had no idea 9/11 and its subsequent alert-culture was going to happen, and if he did, I guarantee you OK Computer would have been a helluva lot louder, scarier and angrier. OKC is sad, melancholy and paranoid (like an android, yo), but visionary it ain't.

Weirdos. Gay daddy and gay brother, that'd make a great sitcom. As far as I know, they're both straight. Perhaps it was the "ambiance" of the Olive Garden that swished them up a bit.

Listening to a track on HMV in-store radio, of which of course I miss the name of. Asking the staff seems like a good idea at the time, but then these things often do. The britpop-fringed loafer looks at me like I'm some total lunatic when I tell him the lyrics were something about Bea Arthur and California.

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