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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Commemorate your last bender...

...with this tasteful statue that recreates the seminal moment when Iron Man realized he was a hardcore alkie!

I only wish I was making this up. Here's the link to this super-classy product described thusly (emphasis mine):

A Diamond Select Release! Tony Stark has never been a stranger to vice, a fact captured perfectly in this Marvel Milestones release! Taken from the shocking cover of Iron Man #128, this 11' statue features a working mirror along with the two most challenging aspects of Tony Stark's life - the bottle and the mask. Sculpted by Art Asylum and limited to 1000 pieces, this statue features a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity.

What's that? Oh, that's my Iron Man Discovers He's An Alcoholic statue! It goes perfectly there next to my Speedy Shoots Up Commemorative Plate and my Kurt Cobain Suicide uncut Trading Cards sheet!

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