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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Club Value Stamp

Doctor Doom says:

"HAAAAAYYYYY, gurl! Welcome to Club Value Stamp! There is some serious shade all up in hurr will NOT believe some of the bitches and what they thought they could get away with. I mean, look..."

"Hot pants are bad enough, but hot pants with a red loincloth and peekaboo booby side slits? Hunny, please. You're built, we get it."

"Now, Hela? That bitch is flawless. Work, work, work! That's how it's done. Unlike..."

"...Mizz Britney Firecrotch Lohan, here. Hey gurl, the entire city can see your poo-nay-nay!"

"Again, flawless. From Asgard to Infinity, you can't hate."

"Love you, love your gown."

"Mmmm, loves me some ruffneck banjee. Especially how they dance....haaaayyyy!"

"But is that tired old bear VOGUEING??? Oh, hunny. Nothing's worse."

"Unless it's some tweaked-out green lizard with her hands in the air. C'mon, we're outta here."

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