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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

My Obsessions, Current, Three Each

• "Napoleon Dynamite" - very good, tender, funny, reminds me of growing up in rural Grafton, Ohio. Stellar performance from the star who talks like every kid in high school, with that instantly familiar candence of defiant confusion. Plus, Alphaville is on the soundtrack and there are two hot cholos.

HOT cholos.

• "Showgirls" Limited Edition VIP DVD box set - came out today, grabbed mine during lunch. Comes with two shotglasses, lame party games, including a "Pin the Pasties on Nomi" game (seriously), and an expanded DVD with hilarious commentary from some catty queen.

I know it's probably a lame cliche to sit back and abuse this movie, but dear lord, it's just staring back at you defiantly ASKING for it like some Brazilian porn actress in a "Buttman" film. If you've never seen this movie, I hate you. Quit reading my blog.

Not really.

But see it, with me for maximum effect and enjoyment. I'll point out how the overarcing manicure subplot is actually an allegory for class structures and power among females and how Agent Cooper's hair is the real reason this movie tanked.

Plus, boobies.

• "My Obssession" by Icehouse - Ira Davies does his best late-Roxy Music approximation on this, the ill-fated third single from the U.S. breakthru album "Man of Colours" (oooh, foreign-y spelling!).

This was the follow-up to the more successful follow-up ("Electric Blue") to a lesser, but still successful hit single ("Crazy") but this one flopped, so of course, I loved it. No one else did. Out of print on CD, but I have one, so nyah.

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