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Monday, January 09, 2006


• I have nothing to say about it, really. Just wanted to grab that headline before someone else thought of it.

Jimmy's got an opinion, though. And I have to agree, I kinda resent having my Big Muscle profile tagged with a rambling, disjointed screed about it, but hey, it's free (even though I "donated" and should have the option of removing it).

• My best friend, Straighty McStraight guy Forest is coming to Anaheim from Cleveland tonight for a work conference and we get to have dinner together! Haven't seen him in over a year and I'm excited - these guys with their wives and kids, I tell ya. By the way, Forest's visit makes a total of four people who have come to Cali to visit me in the six years I've lived here. Now you know.

• The Steve Miller Band of all people invade Lost in the '80s.

• The new Doctor Who finally hits America...via DVD, though. Works for me.

Dave's Long Box is one of my favorite newish blogs - Dave basically digs into his old comic book collection and eviscerates or praises whatever he finds within. The key - breezy, witty writing that never fails to crack me up. Fun for non comic fans, too. It's that good.

• Finally got around to watching some of Beavis & Butthead - The Mike Judge Collection, and it's worth the dollars just to hear Beavis sum up Pantera perfectly - "Awww, poor Pantera! Daddy never loved me! Is that a tear in your eye, Pantera? Is Daddy's little girl crying?" HiLARious.

• You probably already know this, but fourfour is hysterical, particularly the Project Runway recaps.

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