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Friday, January 13, 2006

Have You Blown Arnold?

• After his stellar performance all this week on the new Howard Stern show, and his run-in with "Governor Schwartznegger," one has to wonder if George "Sulu" Takei is behind this.EDIT: The posting's been pulled now - basically it was a call for anyone who "had blown Arnold Schwartznegger or had any homosexual activity with the Governor" to come forward for an upcoming film documentary.

• Are you tweaking tonight? Elvis can relate.

• No sooner do I get excited about the new Doctor Who finally coming to the U.S. via DVD, than word comes down that they've been delayed until July. But there's a good reason, since Sci Fi has finally picked the show up.

• Why did the Matrix sequels suck? Maybe because Larry Wachowski was too busy crossdressing, being beaten by his dominatrix, and basically being a fre-zeak.

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