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Friday, February 18, 2005

Lost in the '80s

It's more than just an overly nostalgic's also the name of the new music blog I've launched today, dedicated to those follow-up hits, album tracks and videos that have seemed to slipped into the mists of the '80s, never to be heard from again.

Until now.

Visit Lost in the '80s, soak up the memories, add your own, bookmark it, pass it around like a Brasilian porn actress.

As always, "Johnny Is a Man" remains here, bringing you more tales of everyday woe, great NEW music, ramblings, what have you. Thanks to all of you for the great feedback and support.

Now go get your '80s on.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

CBS Mailbag

An Australian reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

While reading your blog, I found the answer to something that has bothered me for many years. In the late 70`s I used to run a radio program in a small mining town in the north west of Western Australia. As you might imagine, the local town people frowned heavily on anything even vaguely gay.  So, being the sort of person I am I would play tracks from a particularly queer album, just to stir things slightly. 

I remember this album as being rather amusing, with one song in particular, 'movie queen', being flogged ruthlessly by yours truly, as it was a particularly cool track. If anyone had asked me the name of the artist in the last twenty years, I would not have been able to answer, as over time I had forgotten who made the album, and it seemed to be lost forever.  Beside remembering the name 'movie queen', the other outstanding thing about this album was the peculiar cover of a person, sort of being a statue with no legs, or perhaps they were turning to crumbling stone. This is where your web log comes in.

I had been admiring your banner art (anyone who has Roxy Music and Tom Baker on a web page has to be a star), when one day the album cover from the distant past appeared. Then I read your entry on Jobraith being the first, and the picture was complete. Since then I have been adding Jobraith tracks to my collection of mp3s. It has been fun hearing these things again.

I must say your blog is fab, and even in cartoon form (idealized self), you are an interesting fellow. I hope this year turns out better for you than 2004.

Wow. I'm a cynical, jaded bastard, but this really made my day. It's easy to forget that when you're tapping away at a keyboard then throwing this stuff up on web, other people actually read it. A reminder - Jobriath's "Lonely Planet Boy" is still available online and at record shops everywhere. If you like what you've heard for free, please purchase this CD, as the sales of this compilation very well may determine if we get to see the rest of his catalog reissued.

I love hearing that I've turned someone on to new music, whether it's old glam or new Cardigans.

Thanks for letting me know. Big news on the blog front coming later this week. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Love, My Way

Fine Folks

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