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Friday, April 04, 2008

Monkee Friday

Why, hello there. How are you? That's good. Me? Oh, fine as well. Where have I been? Well, Baby Chutney and I both got that nasty old flu that's been hanging around - knocked me on my ass for three days (of course two of those would be during the weekend).

Besides that, there's my ongoing writing for Popdose (Alison Moyet and Possum Dixon in the same week?), plus all my volunteer work with the little deaf girls, so I'm busy, busy, busy (that was ripped off from Michael O'Donahue, btw).

But I'm back, and to kick things off since Michael at Silence Is A Rhythm has his Funky Friday posts, I've decided to start Monkee Friday! Why? Because I am a huge fucking nerd.

Let's begin this possibly non-recurring feature with one of my favorite Monkees tunes and one actually written and played by the band. "Randy Scouse Git" was penned by Micky one night after attending a party thrown by the Beatles. The very Kinks-ish song makes reference to the Fab Four ("Four kings of EMI"), plus the woman he met at the party who went on to carry his child. While featured on the show, it was never released as a single in the States. It was, however, released as a single in the U.K. with a title change to, wait for it, "Alternate Title," and hit #2.

Why the title change? Because "Randy Scouse Git" is a basically "horny Liverpudlian jerk" in U.K. slang. Fun facts are fun when they're fun!


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