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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bryan Fauxrry

It's Roxy Magic, the Roxy Music tribute band!



Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Mirror, Crack'd

Gay? Here's what gay porn "star" Erik Rhodes thinks of you (original spelling intact):

Part of the problem that i have with Gay men regardless if they are a Gay forrest Ranger, science teacher or coach for retards, it is that you can still never trust them. Yeah your brother my lead a very noble lifestyle and everyone he comes in contact see's a great act but behind close door or later that night he turns into a pervert that has fucked everyone at his gay local bar. Your gay science teacher hires hookers on a regular basis and has HIV and yet won't tell his life partner and the Gay retard coach is a size queen that attends regular SM party's where he gets tied up and has cloths pins cliped to his cock and balls.

Being that i have worked as an escort for much of my gay life i have seen what men do, and who they are and have come to the conclusion that regardless of the great life they lead infront of everyone, they all have so many skeleton in their closest that it could make you sick if you only thought of all the shit any of your ex's have done behind your back that you will never know about. That the truth regardless of what you wanna tell yourself.

So fuck the fact that some queer has a good job, it doesnt mean that they are not truely fucked up and perverted in there head and you just dont know about it.

Sad, sad, sad. Seeing as how I've yet to do porn, ingest any number of random chemicals, live in the gay bar ghetto, fuck D-list "reality stars," or be an escort slash whore, I don't think Mr. Rhodes needs to be wagging any fingers at anyone. Remember, when you point the "Gays Are Awful!" finger, three others are pointing right back up your butt.

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