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Friday, September 02, 2005

She Bangs

ricky and me

Gawd, Ricky, get off me.

So, what did you do yesterday?

Monday, August 29, 2005

This Town Is Our Town This Town Is So Fabulous

I believe that may be the second time I've used that headline.

So Saturday night, I half-heartedly make the trek to the Gauntlet in lovely Silverlake to see my friend Matty perform with The Gay Gay's, the world's best all-gay Go-Go's tribute. I say half-heartedly, because it was Sunset Junction weekend up there, which means tons of drunk/high homos shambling about, stinking up the joint with "man smells", being inappropriate and taking all the parking. But I hadn't seen Matty play in a few months, so I felt some obligation to show support. Glad I did.

First, Stracculious, the ancient Roman god of feces (thank you, Butthead), must have been smiling upon me, because I found a parking spot directly in front of the bar. I had to get out and inspect the curb several times for red paint because I just couldn't believe my luck. I even made the barback come out and confirm I wouldn't get towed. I mean, this was a major sign. I got the total George Costanza spot. I should have taken pictures. It was a thing of beauty - SoCal denizens, you feel me.

Once inside, I hooked up with Matty and the goils, waiting for the show to begin. And we waited - and waited. Management backtracked and didn't want the show to begin until 11:30 so it was drinkin' time. No big whoop.

Totally worth the wait. The band was nice & tight, just like Matty's snatch used to be years ago. But that's not all - four songs into the set, someone slips Matty a note. One song later, the band is joined onstage by none other than JANE FUCKING WEIDLIN. Yes, a real Go-Go joined the Gay-Gay's.

Jane played rhythm on two songs...well, sorta. Her guitar gave out the minute she started strumming. Technical issues, but WHO CARES! There was Jane Weidlin, co-writer of my second favorite Sparks song ("Lucky Me, Lucky You") not 15 feet from me!

As soon as I get pix back from some people I know, I'll post 'em.

Matty & Jane

More photos here.

Also spotted - former L7 member Danita Sparks. I feel so Michael Musto right now.

See? Sometimes leaving the house pays off.

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