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Thursday, December 20, 2007


...the beauty that is Sarah Cracknell and Saint Etienne:

Jesus, that's 15 years old already.


Random Notes

• Thank you, Jocko, for totally calling out the Mika CD as one of the worst music releases of 2007. As I commented there, I have a theory the only people who truly enjoy this preening, screeching, over-hyped mess are straight women who consider themselves "fag hags" and constantly try to foist this steaming, oaty pile on their gay "friends". Quick rule of thumb: If Perez Hilton raves about it, it's cloying shit. See also, The Gossip.

• Spotted this morning at my local $tarbuck$ - Homeless Man With Crutches On a Laptop!

That sure doesn't look like to me, mister! Also, you can't see it too well from the pic, but resting on his little grocery cart is the original HP box it came in when he stole it from the Wal*Mart across the street.

• I love Ringo. See Lost In The '80s later today now for proof.

• Shopping for Christmas gifts at Sears is entirely acceptable in this mortgage meltdown economic environment, despite what your own personal Baby Chutney may tell you. Wal*Mart, however, no.

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