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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm the King of Rock / There is none higher

Look who came to our office today...

...and stupid me, I wore my Nikes today.

Oh yeah, I look awful in this pic, I know. Who cares? IT'S DMC!!

...all of our time, spent on warm & sunny days...

Nothing like making a sweeping, declarative post about recommitting yourself to your blog, THEN DISAPPEARING FOR OVER A WEEK.

Um. Hi!

Well, firstly, I ended up in Palm Springs for a week to attend an E-Tail conference (y'see, it's "e-commerce" and "retail"! Together, they're E-TAIL! BRILLS!).

Secondish, I came back to find piles of work that needed to be done immediately, stretching into my "Project Runway", "24", "Passions" and blogging time.

Thirdee, and this is the really funny part, I got some bizarre new shooting pain up and down my left wrist and forearm, leaving me unable to type. I swear I am not making that up. Jimmy may have called it when he suggested it was a "guganglian cyst" (fuck that, I'm not even Googling the proper spelling). It's sorta stopped now.

Big, Big, Big Deal happening tomorrow. I'll know more after 2pm PST or so. Let's just tease it by saying this one meeting can change my life.


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