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Monday, September 25, 2006

What I'm Feeling - September

• The Breeders’ Last Splash, particularly Invisible Man. Sure, it’s been around for a decade now, but I still adore the lines that’s all that left behind / the skies / the sights / and a sweet caress, the way the strings swell out of nowhere and Kelly Deal’s My First Guitar Solo.

Kath & Kim an Australian sitcom about an empty-nester mother and her self-centered daughter that airs here on the Sundance Channel. Each episode is packed with quotable quotes such as “Why can’t you learn to compromise and just do what I tell you?” and “Everyone is so self-centered – am I the only one thinking about me??” Favorite episode – the 80s flashback where Kim is listening to the Human League and her mother approves with a “Oooh, they sound so trendy!”

Record Store Cats, especially Hardcore Steve.

• Lower ab workouts and leg day twice a week now – If it hurts and you hate it, chances are you need to do it more.

• Rediscovering Grant Morrison and Richard Case’s Doom Patrol run from the late 80s and early 90s, freshly collected into paperback. The duo’s Dada/surrealistic take on long underwear characters gets a little too obscure for obscurity’s sake late in the run, but the first three (or four) collections Get The Balance Right. Much ado’s been written about Morrison’s concepts, but Richard Case’s off-kilter, unique penciling style deserves more respect.

Desperate Housewives season three – anyone else catch the Twin Peaks Easter Egg last night?

• The new Scissor Sisters album, “Ta-Dah”. Sorry, kids. If I wanna listen to ”Too Low for Zero”, I’ll pull my copy off the shelf, thanks.

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