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Thursday, September 22, 2005

current recurrent dream

I'm driving my PT Cruiser down the 405 freeway, going my customary 5 miles over the speed limit, not hurting or tailgating anyone, when suddenly my shoe is wedged against the gas pedal in such a fashion that the car keeps speeding up and I'm unable to free my foot.

The car goes faster and faster, while I'm forced to weave between traffic to just stay alive. I cannot hit the brakes.

I'm thinking it means I buy really bad shoes.

The Hatch

Gotta give 'em wasn't a total rip-off!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's funny cuz it's true

Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm backing out of the driveway and into creation

Liz Phair's new album, "Somebody's Miracle", doesn't hit until October 4th, but I've been living with it for a good month now and can report the following - it's not full-tilt pop like the last one, nor is it a return to the filthy indie-fi buzz of "Exile In Guyville". If anything, it's similar in feel with her underrated "whitechocolatespacegg", with glossier production, but more confessional lyrics.

The lead single "Everything To Me" is awful. Just the absolute worst song on the album, tuneless, meandering, coy. So of course, they went with that one. Ugh. Don't let it scare you off. There's great stuff on here, especially the heart-rending, confessional (?) "Table for One". I don't usually post tracks from albums that haven't streeted yet, but I don't want Liz fans to ignore it because of the awful single. Listen to this and tell me it's not a classic:

I’m walking down in the basement
I’m leaning on the washing machine
I’m reaching back thru a hole in the wall’s insulation

I’m pulling out a bottle of vodka
Replacing that with a pint of Jim Beam
I’m lying down on the floor until I feel better

It’s morning and I pour myself coffee
I drink it ‘til the kitchen stops shaking
I’m backing out of the driveway and into creation

And the loving spirit that follows me
Watching helplessly will always forgive me

Oh I wanna die alone with my sympathy beside me
I wanna bring down all those demons who drank with me
Feasting gleefully
On my desperation

I hide all the bottles in places
They find them, confront me with pain in their eyes
And I promise that I’ll make some changes

But reaching back, it occurs to me there will always be
Some kind of crisis
For me

Oh I wanna die alone with my sympathy beside me
I wanna bring back all those moments they stole from me
In my reverie
Darkening day’s end

Oh I wanna die alone with my memories inside me
I wanna live that life when I could say people had faith in me
I still see that guy in my memory

Oh I wanna die alone with my sympathy beside me
I wanna bring down all those people who drank with me
Watching happily
My humiliation

Download "Table For One".

"Somebody's Miracle" hits stores on October 4th.

Sally Forth is paralyzed by the blood of Christ

Most bizarre Sally Forth comic strip ever.

If you read this after Monday, select Monday, Sept. 19th's strip.


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