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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Okay, That's It

I am totally calling you out, Best Gay Blogs.

Best Gay Blogs! FEH! How can you dare to call yourselves that when I'm not listed? Y'see those archives down the screen there on the right hand side? THAAAAAAAT'S RIGHT, I've been doing this shit for more than three years now, Marie. I'm one of the effin' granddaddies of this gay blogging shit. You bettah rekkognize.

Y'see those Greatest Hits on the right side there, too? Yeah, that shit's made muthafuckas CRY, bitch. That's some serio gay bloggin' right there, none of this collect and post news stories and memes bullshit (quit looking at the last two months. That doesn't count! Cheater!). I bleed and bleed for this thing and whadda I get? BUPKUS!

Where else are you going to read Gay Army Stories, Gay Music Posts, Gay Dating Disasters, Gay Mortgage Struggles and thinly-veiled stopgap posts disguised as comic strips?

THAAAAAAAAT'S RIGHT, right here, Susan.

Or is it beef you're after? Huh? Is it that superficial? FINE:

Get with it, Best Gay Blogs. I expect my interview request in my mailbox TOMORROW MORNING and my link on your site by TOMORROW EVENING, or you have to change the name of your blog.

Well? Quit staring at this post! Get to it! Chop, chop!

"when a young man looks at Madame / she just throws herself right at 'im"

Where, oh where the hell are my deluxe season boxed sets of "Madame's Place" DVDs?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the seether's Louise

I continue to live:

• Veruca Salt? New album? Really? Decent first single? Really? Really. Nina what?

• Now, now Killers, when you decide to rip off a classic rocker, don’t pick Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. Be truly visionary like The Walkmen and rip off something like Mind Games by John Lennon.

• Parody Disguised As Soap Opera Passions is now available on
– the first week is free, so here’s your chance to get hooked.

…and finally, I give you Cats That Look Like Hitler.

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