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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why... I the only person watching Veronica Mars?

Soooooo good.

Goony Goo Goo

I see you sitting there at your monitor, hitting refresh, wagging your little finger at the screen, muttering "Well, where the hell have you been, little missy?"

When a gay blogger disappears, there are several possible reasons - drug addiction, death in the family, a psychotic episode, or the worst of all scenarios...

...a new boyfriend.

Yes, you have all been ditched for some new piece of pu-nay-nay. Hey, gimmie some slack here - I've been a solo act for four plus years now. I think I deserve a little honeymoon/cocoon time where we make anyone within 20 feet of us nauseous due to goo-goo-goony eyes, (very butch!) babytalk and far too many little pecks on the lips/cheek. I'm about to vomit even typing it.


But rest assured, the honeymoon/cocooning period is limited to weekends mostly and I'm not gonna ditch my friends. Well, not all of you.

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