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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I gave up on The Real World, Road Rules, all the ancillary challenges and reunion shows long ago, but I was tipped off that this season's "Gauntlet II" (whatever that is - I missed the first Gauntlet, apparently) features, among the 80 or so unfamiliar faces from recent seasons, the return of the shit-tastic Beth S. (complete with Pete Burns-level plastic surgery), and Timmy, quite possibly the most intelligent and hilarious Road Ruler ever.

Timmy is fukka awesome because, much like Gina Gershon in "Showgirls," he realizes what a piece of crap he's involved in and refuses to degrade himself or play along, mocking the entire proceedings around him. Just check out this clip I grabbed from last night's show...Aneesa, some random ghetto skank I don't know, is trying to throw down with some other white-trash skeeze from the opposing team. She's pissed, she's goin' off...but look at Timmy in the background!

Aneesa and her shadow.

It almost makes you forgive him for still doing this shit while pushing 40.


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